Builders apologise for road ‘mud bath’

Building contractors have promised new measures to tackle mud and disruption at a Waingroves development, following complaints from residents.

People living on Waingroves Road have already complained about heavy machinery and filthy roads after developers Perevil Homes moved in to start work on building 96 new homes.

Now residents say that following heavy rain the road has turned into a mudbath, leaving the ground slippery for older people, while children from a nearby school are getting filthy.

Resident Babs Bailey said: “It rained heavily last week and the street was absolutely covered in mud from the 
building site.

“There’s no warning signs to say that the area is slippy and dangerous whatsoever, parents taking their children to Waingroves Primary School have complained.

“It’s just not very safe, especially during the school run when there’s a lot of people about.

“Children have slipped in the mud, neighbours are furious that their cars are being splattered with mud by passing vehicles and the elderly who rely on mobility scooters can’t use them on these streets for fear of getting stuck.

“There’s even a petition going around to try and set things in order.

“We’re just a bit fed up about the situation and we don’t know what to do about it now.”

It is thought the project will take well over a year to complete, although residents say they have been told that more suitable road infrastructure for developers will be put into place from February.

Developers Peveril Homes have apologised for the inconvenience and say that ‘new measures’ are being put in place to cope with the mess the work is causing.