BREAKING NEWS: help with aid convoy to Ghana

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Volunteers are being urged to help the National Police Aid Convoy (NPAC) load up its first container of the year this morning — with the aid heading to Ghana.

At 10am this morning (January 21) the NPAC team will start loading on to their first huge 45’ container of the year, from a new base at Sandiacre.

This one is destined for Accra, Ghana and carrying items for schools, hospitals and the poorly equipped police and fire services.

It is expected that loading by hand will take three to four hours from the new ‘borrowed’ warehouse at Sandiacre – the first time that Derbyshire has hosted one of NPAC’s seven warehouses nationally.

Charity chairman, retired Inspector David Scott says that they off to a good start and expect to have sent a further nine containers by Easter, including some to maintain the support networks in the Phillipines he says, “The planning for this dispatch to Ghana started around April last year and slowly we have gathered specific items together for a number of projects. This container will be absolutely stuffed to the roof!”.

Some of the school items have come from Chesterfield’s Bramley Vale who have an existing twinning arrangement with a Ghanaian school and some of the pupils will be calling in to help load their things.

The warehouse, just off Town Street, Sandiacre needs volunteers to help prepare and pack other things for future various destinations and the charities secretary Wanda Adams say that the work isn’t onerous, she insists “everyone plays to their strengths, whether lifting heavy things or sorting books and clothes in to piles. The other warehouses have people who are just happy to do their bit catering for the team” and she invites local people and groups to contact her, “it is a great atmosphere”, she says.

The warehouse is at Unit 7, Orchard Business Park, Sandiacre, NG10 5BP

Telephone 0844 8701 999 or