BREAKING NEWS: Eastwood mum lands £1.1m Lottery jackpot

A single mum from Eastwood is celebrating after scooping a £1.1 million jackpot on the National Lottery.

Kerry Poxon, 44, pocketed £1,171,812 in the draw on Saturday May 10, just days before her birthday.

Kerry Poxon Lottery winner

Kerry Poxon Lottery winner

But amazingly she didn’t discover she had picked the winning numbers until a fortnight later with the ticket having been stuck to her fridge under a magnet.

Kerry, who has sons aged ten and eight, had been playing the same numbers for 18 months. She chose them as a combination of her own and her sons’ birthdays.

She said: “I always play Lotto as and when I remember but, like many busy mums, sometimes I miss a week or forget to check my ticket.

“The last few weeks I have been particularly busy and it was only last week, when I had some time off work for the boys’ half-term holiday, that I remembered to check the ticket.

“I couldn’t believ it when the numbers on my phone matched those on my ticket. I thought my phone may have had some kind of bug so I checked on my iPad as well.

“When those numbers matched as well I thought I must be going mad so I called my dad and asked him to check for me again.

“When he said they matched I was just in shock. It wasn’t until I watched the draw on YouTube that I allowed myself to believe that it may actually be true.”

Kerry, who works as a dispenser at Boots pharmacy, added: “To think my ticket, worth more than £1 million, had been stuck on my fridge all that time is unbelievable!

“It really is a dream come true and the best birthday present I could have wished for.”

Kerry plans to spend some of her winnings on buying her own home to secure a bright future for her young boys.

When asked by the Advertiser if she was planning any extravagant purchases she said not straight away.

She said she might consider treating herself but would wait and see because “as a parent you are always bottom of the pile”.

However, she is hoping the financial security the win will afford her will mean being able to pursue a long-time ambition and go to university to train to become either a midwife or a health visitor.

She added: “Buying my own home is a top priority for me and then making sure the boys will be secure.

“As for myself, I have been living on a budget for so long, even a new dress is a big treat, so I can’t imagine I will get anything too extravagant.

“However, I always wanted to be a midwife or a health visitor and winning this money means there is less pressure to pay the bills so I can now afford to hopefully go back to university and follow my dream.”

Kerry’s winning numbers were 3, 5, 8, 10, 16 and 17 and the winning ticket was bought from the Sainsbury’s Local on Nottingham Road, Eastwood.