Boys in blue step in on wedding day

Bridemaids with the police officers who helped them after their wedding car broke down in Ripley
Bridemaids with the police officers who helped them after their wedding car broke down in Ripley

A bride thought her big day was going to be ruined when the car due to take her and the bridesmaids to the ceremony broke down – that was until the boys in blue stepped in.

Bride Callan Fowler, 
her dad, Dean, and six bridesmaids were due to
travel to Makeney Hall, in 
Milford, in a vintage car on the big day.

It picked up the six bridesmaids first and set off, but ten minutes into the journey it broke down.

Fortunately they were less than a mile from Derbyshire police headquarters in Ripley and were spotted by a sympathetic officer who called for back-up.

Officers stepped in and whisked the bridesmaids to the wedding in two police cars, complete with blue flashing lights – much to the amusement of guests.

Callan said of the incident before setting off on honeymoon, that initially she wondered what people were going to think as the bridesmaids arrived in police cars! But that it all added to the excitment of the day.

Dad Dean said: “Fifteen minutes before the bridesmaids were set to be at the church the driver 
realised the car wouldn’t start.

“As you can imagine, that’s when absolute panic set in, as everyone else was already at venue ready and 
raring to go.

The vintage car had been meant to take the bridesmaids and return to pick up Callan, 24, from Codnor, along with dad Dean, but after receiving a call to say the car had broken down, the pair had to get a lift from a friend.

Dean said: “I ended up knocking on my daughter’s neighbours’ doors up and down the street in an attempt to find someone to help us .”

They had to hop in their own car and made their way to a friend’s home, Tim Lane, who thankfully loaned them a Rolls-Royce at the last minute.

After quickly decking up the car so that it was fit for a bride, they set off.

Dean said: “We’re both incredibly grateful to Tim Lane who was instrumental in getting myself and my daughter to Makeney Hall.”

Callan ‘made it to the church on time’ and married her sweetheart Aron Shelton, who has changed his name to Fowler.

Dean, who is chairman of the Ripley branch of the Royal British Legion, said: “The police get quite a bit of criticism a lot of the time, but what they did for 
everyone in their time of need is 
incredibly commendable.

“They really did come to the rescue on this occasion and we’d just like to say thank you for your help.”

A police spokesperson said: “We’re delighted to be able to help in these 

“The bridesmaids would never have got to the 
wedding in time if our 
officer hadn’t come across the 
broken down car and decided to assist them.

“Hopefully their ride in the police cars added to 
the excitement of the day.”

Callan met her future husband at the funeral of their mutual friend Drummer Thomas Wright, who was killed in an explosion while serving in Afghanistan. Aron lost a leg in the same explosion.