Boundary mystery leaves fly tipping mess on road

NRHNBE110615e1, Clive Toone at the site of flytipping on Anchor Road, Langley.
NRHNBE110615e1, Clive Toone at the site of flytipping on Anchor Road, Langley.

PEOPLE living on a Langley Mill road where rubbish has been dumped are angry after confusion over which local authority is responsible for clearing up the mess has delayed a clean-up operation.

Rubbish, including toys, blankets, cushions, a chair, a roll of carpet and dirty nappies, was dumped in Anchor Road, on May 25, and residents have waited more than three weeks for action to be taken.

Amber Valley Borough Council has so far been unable to determine which county council the road, which is right on the border between Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, belongs to.

Clive Toone, who says the rubbish also contained needles, which have since been removed, reported the fly tipping three weeks ago. He said: “Druggies are making dens out of it. We have had a couple of local tramps sleeping there. Me and my daughters moved it to the side of the road so they could get through in their car – there was that much. It’s a popular spot for fly tipping because it’s quiet and it’s completely off the beaten track. We get a lot of people who walk past the cottage because its a nature reserve.”

Amber Valley Borough Council has been clearing up the road since June, 2009, as “a courtesy to residents” but stopped in May, 2010. A spokesman said: “The responsibility for clearing up the rubbish depends on which part of the road the rubbish has been dumped. If it’s in Derbyshire it is Amber Valley’s. If it’s in Nottinghamshire it is Broxtowe Borough Council’s.”

Enquiries into the responsibility for the road are still continuing but no move has yet been made to clear the rubbish. Residents who called for electronic gates to deter more fly tipping say a site meeting was held in April to discuss the possibility, but nothing has been heard since.