Bogus care trust worker in town

General view Chilton drive, Kimberley
General view Chilton drive, Kimberley

POLICE are warning residents in Kimberley to be extra vigilant after they received reports of a man knocking on doors posing as a care trust worker.

The suspected conman knocked on doors in Chilton Drive, where there is a warden-aided complex for the elderly, claiming to represent a ‘care trust’.

Kimberley police officer Paul Toon said the pensioners have had the sense to not let him in, but the incidents will be treated as suspicious until police can prove otherwise.

“We have spoken to the warden at the site and she said generally people like this would go through her first,” said Pc Toon.

“At the moment we cannot verify this one way or the other because the man has not been given the opportunity to get into any of the properties, but until we can prove otherwise, this man will be treated as a bogus caller.

“The majority of residents in Chilton Drive are elderly so it’s very concerning.”

Police are reminding residents to keep their doors locked, use security chains if they are fitted and always check the credentials of callers.”

Pc Toon said: “If people have any doubts or concerns they should not let them into their property.

“Residents should never give personal information to anyone unless they are 100 per cent sure of who they are.”

If anybody spots someone acting suspiciously they should call police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.