Bloodstains show gypsy Barry Smith died from ‘prolonged’ attack, says scientist

Court news
Court news

GYPSY Barry Smith died after a “prolonged assault”, according to an expert who analysed bloodstains found at the scene.

Mr Smith’s charred remains were found outside Kilburn Welfare Social Club on October 6 last year.

Forensic scientist Anna Sheik, who analysed pools of blood outside the club, said Mr Smith was dragged while bleeding heavily following the attack.

Jurors at Leicester Crown Court were also shown a long wooden post which was found covered in Smith’s blood.

Michael Auty QC, prosecuting, asked Ms Sheik: “Is it your opinion it is less likely to have been swung as a weapon and more likely to have been dropped – and more than once?”

Ms Sheik replied: “Yes, that’s right.”

The court also heard that a swab taken from the body of Mr Smith matched the genetic profile of one of his alleged killers, Nathan Doherty.

Mr Smith’s DNA was also found on bloodstained items taken from co-accused Emma Aitken following her arrest, including two of her rings.

Bloodstains on a cigarette lighter and mobile phone found in a fleece jacket belonging to third defendant Vincent Aitken also contained Mr Smith’s DNA.

Vincent Aitken, 44, of Chapel Street, Kilburn, his daughter, Emma Aitken, 19, and her partner, Nathan Doherty, 27, both of Portland Street, Derby, all deny the murder of Mr Smith.

Aitken’s wife, Pamela Aitken, 41, also of Chapel Street, denies assisting an offender.

John Lloyd-Jones QC, for Emma Aitken, said his client accepted hitting Mr Smith and that the body tissue may have come from the punch.

And Shaun Smith QC, representing Vincent Aitken, said that it was possible bloodstains could come from objects dropped on to a dead body.

The trial continues.