Bitter neighbour dispute ends with court hearing

A BITTER eight-year feud between neighbours has led to a restraining order being placed on a Codnor couple.

What started as a boundary dispute over the ownership of a fence between the two homes has resulted in police having being called more than 20 times.

The feud between Anthony and Susan Wilson and their neighbours, Peter and Dorothy Dawes, began in 2003. Both sides have claimed the fence belongs to them.

A string of heated arguments, minor acts of vandalism and anti -social behaviour have erupted between the two couples since the Dawes family moved in eight years ago, a court heard.

This week magistrates imposed a restraining order on the Wilsons, after Mrs Wilson pleaded guilty to an incident of harassment.

She had thrown cigarette butts into her neighbours’ garden on a number of occasions in January and February this year, but she claimed she was provoked by a series of personal insults aimed at her by the Dawes family, the Wilson family solicitor John Hay told Southern Derbyshire Magistrates’ Court, in Derby, on Friday.

Defending Mrs Wilson, Mr Hay said: “The families have been in dispute over a number of issues over the course of the eight years and both have given different histories.

“What we have is two sets of families that do not get on and have not done.

“As far as Mrs Wilson is concerned she accepts that she did throw some items over the fence at some point but it must be taken into account that she had suffered personal verbal abuse prior to this taking place.”

The order states that the Wilsons are “prohibited from any course of contact that could be deemed as causing distress for a period of two years.”

Civil engineer, Mr Wilson has kept a diary of alleged incidents between the two families since 2003, as well as keeping photographs.

One such exchange occurred in 2004 he claimed, when Mr Wilson was painting the boundary fence, and their was a disagreement, which ended with the police being called, he alleged.