Big clean up after the flash flooding

Flooding: Greenhill Avenue, Ripley
Flooding: Greenhill Avenue, Ripley

Anxious residents and 
business owners across the region were clearing up this weekend when stormy weather caused flash floods.

Almost a month’s worth of rain fell in a matter of hours on Saturday, 
putting a halt to events and shows expected to take place on one of the hottest weekends of the year.

Homeowners and 
businesses were given little time to react to thedownpurs when up to eight inches of rain fell.

Dean Fowler, of Greenhill Avenue, Ripley, was quick to react when his street began flooding at an alarming rate.

He said: “The rain came down so quickly and heavily that the street was flooded.

“Debris was carried through the rainwater which managed to block up drains.

“The water level had risen by a few inches in a short 
matter of time and we had to all move our cars quickly, 
luckily I’d moved my daughter’s car in time to stop any damage being done.

“There was so much water it cascaded around the house, although luckily it didn’t get inside at all. It really was like looking out at Lake Placid it was that wet!”

At Wood Lane, near Horsley Woodhouse, the road was impassible for cars as a stream burst its banks.

The Derby Arms landlord Ray Callaghan said his pub was “turned into the Titanic” after the flooding.

Luckily the pub is still open for business but the 
waterlogged carpets will need to be repaired in the coming days.

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