Bid to boost town’s market

Alfreton indoor market stall holders.
Alfreton indoor market stall holders.

Market, what market? This was the conclusion of a 
survey carried out among shoppers in Alfreton.

A poll found that more than half of the 226 people quizzed did not know where the indoor market was.

Now traders at the Institute Lane site have issued a plea to shoppers to come and visit them.

The market boasts 30 traditional stalls sells a diverse number of goods 
ranging from local produce such as meats, fruit and vegetables to electrical goods like DVDs, consoles and electronic cigarettes. It underwent a major facelift last year.

The changes saw the building upgraded to a 
higher standard with a new roof fitted and LED lighting 
installed throughout to make the market more energy 
efficient and brighter.

Despite this traders still are yet to see an influx of new customers making use of the 

Vicki England, town cntres and market officer with Amber Valley Borough Council issued a rallying call to members of the public stating ‘we’re here!’

She said: “The panel we ran found that 51 per cent of people 
questioned didn’t even know that there was an indoor

“We were getting 
comments like what market? And ‘we didn’t even know that there was one’!”

“They then went on to tell us that regardless of whether they were aware of it or not the majority of people quite 
simply found it easier to shop elsewhere at their local major 
supermarket chains.

“All in all the feedback we received was incredibly 
helpful, we found that if 
we offered a more diverse range of products, potential customers would be much more 
inclined to shop with us.

“We’re actively looking at getting more traders to set up stalls with us here.

“What we’d really like to see is traders who can offer the public something a little bit different in terms of stock.”

One major incentive the council has rolled out to help bring more people to Alfreton 
Indoor Market is to offer new traders 50 per cent off a lease for three months with a six-month stall contract.

Aside from this all charities are offered a free stall subject to availability.

“We really do want to see more visitors through the doors every week and 
hopefully we will do over time, because we’ve got such a great selection of stalls with 
changes coming regularly,” said Vicki.

“Starting next month we’ll have a new cobbler on site and our cafe will be extending its opening hours.

“We just want to make the whole market more 
welcoming to everyone who visits. We’re taking all the comments we received on board and want to be a success.”

The market is open four days a week on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and 
Saturday from 8.30am until 4.30pm. If you want information on starting a business on the market or applying for a charity stall contact Vicki England on 07971 126363.