Bid for 176 new homes in Heanor

Heanor and Loscoe folk are today invited to give their views on an outline planning application to build 176 homes.

Paul Gaughan Building Consultants (PGBC), from Ilkeston, is set to submit an outline planning application for a development of 176 mixed dwellings at land behind Fall Road.

A public meeting is being held today so public opinion can be canvassed - but local councillors have blasted the choice of date as it coincides with county council elections.

Designer Martin Taylor, of PGBC, said the projected estate would be a mixture of two, three and four bedroom houses with around 20 per cent earmarked for social housing.

He conceded that there will be local objections.

He said: “It’s only outline permission - just to establish the principle of residential development.

“It’s a site that has been in the Amber Valley Borough Council (AVBC ) local plan previously - it was a designated residential site.

“It was taken out of the local plan a number of years ago. I think because there were other sites that were more likely to come forward and be built at that time.

“We just want to get the public’s views on the site.

“At the end of the day it’s a site that’s relatively uncontentious. It has been in the local plan before.

“There are other sites in the greenbelt that AVBC is looking at.”

The site is part of Baileybrook Farm - but has not been used as agricultural land for approximately ten to 15 years.

The application is being made on behalf of Mr. S. G. Creswell who represents the owners of the land.

A public consultation, where people can comment on the proposal, is to be held at the Heanor Labour Club, on Thursday, May 2, between 10am and 2pm and 7pm and 8pm. Copies of the application drawings, and consultants’ reports will be on display. Members of PGBC will be present to answer any questions.

Cllr Bob Moon said: “What a stupid time to hold a meeting. It is polling day for the local elections. It means that those who are politically active won’t be able to get there.

“I can’t see that this is helpful to the community in any respect at all. A meeting on another day might be helpful.”

Sylvia Mason, of Amber Valley SOS, said: “The Neighbourhood Plan has not been finished - these pieces of land are vulnerable to developers.

“There is nothing to protect them. Particularly after the Government u-turn on village green applications.

“If they apply and AVBC turn it down they will appeal and the inspector will pass it because AVBC have not got a three year supply of housing. The Government were talking about pushing the Neighbourhood Plan but it’s not happening fast enough.

“If AVBC get their finger they might be able to protect that land - but they chances are they won’t. It’s a developers’ free for all. That’s why we’ve seen so many applications lately.”

PGBC’s previous work includes residential, commercial, retail, leisure and transport and the firm has ongoing work in and around Nottingham and Derby in the residential new build, leisure, retail and office sectors.