Beryl labelled an ‘inspiration’ by deaf charity

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Volunteer Beryl Murdy has been praised for her ‘inspirational’ dedication to helping people who are hearing impaired.

Beryl, 73, was thanked for her efforts by charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, after they celebrated National Volunteer Week at the start of June.

Beryl, from Heanor, said her husband was the reason behind her involvement.

She said: “My husband John went deaf overnight 11 years ago. Suddenly he became more and more reclusive, depressed and introverted.

“He didn’t like to have people over, or leave the house. He never used to be like that. Three weeks after my husband was given his hearing dog Jarvis, he sprung back to his normal self.

“That’s why we volunteer. It is great fun, we’ve met so many lovely people and you feel part of something very worthwhile.”

Vicky Ryan,community fundraising manager, said: “Beryl is an inspirational volunteer who is always ready to lend a hand.

“She is invaluable and donates both her time and money. We’d like to thank Beryl for her hard work and commitment.”