Bereaved couple’s big thank you

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A Codnor couple who were heartbroken when their baby was stillborn have raised almost £11,000 for the Care of Bereaved Parents fund at the Royal Derby Hospital .

Lindsey and Alex Butler embarked on a string of fundraising events for the charity after being cared for in the hospital’s Butterfly Suite - a private room which allowed them some privacy with their little boy after he was stillborn.

Lindsey, 30, of Mill Lane, said: “We just realised how lucky we were to be in that little room - I do not know how I would have coped being with other pregnant ladies at the time.

“The bereavement midwife and all the other midwives really looked after us - when the consultant told me there was no heartbeat I was put straight in that room.

“It was just reassuring knowing that I was away from everyone and my husband got to stay with me as well.”

After their experience Lindsey and husband, Alex, 33, raised the money with a number of different events including a fundraising night with disco and raffles.

“The support and generosity from companies donating raffle prizes just amazed us,” said Lindsey.

“We did the fundraising for the upkeep of the room and hopefully to help pay for another one.

“It’s quite a calming environment - they even have a little garden.

“It really helped me knowing I would not have to bump into anybody else at the time because seeing a newborn baby when I had lost mine would have been too much - my whole world had come crashing down.”

If you would like to contribute towards Lindsey and Alex’s fund for the Care of Bereaved Parents’ Butterfly Suite at the Royal Derby Hospital please visit