Beat bobbies go ‘back to school’ for green gong

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Beat bobbies from Kilburn have gone back to the classroom to congratulate pupils on securing a national award for their work on sustainable travel.

The Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Team took part in a project over several months encouraging pupils and parents to choose greener ways of getting to and from school.

This has included encouraging parents to leave their cars at home and scoot to school days, along with taking steps to improve road safety by targeting issues such as responsible parking and speeding. Following their work, PC Neil Hopwell and PCSO John Midgley received a national award to recognise their contribution to promoting sustainable travel.

PC Hopwell attended a recent Kilburn Infants School’s award assembly to celebrate with the children when they were awarded with the national Modeshift Sustainable Travel and Recognition for Schools Award (STARS).

He said: “It was fantastic to be invited back to the school to see them being awarded with the award for their hard work and dedication.

“Not only does the work help to promote greener ways of getting to and from school, it also helps us to target any concerns of road safety by listening to the concerns from pupils and parents.”

Headteacher Joanne Baillie added: “We will carry on working hard to encourage children to travel to school in safe, healthy and environmentally friendly ways.

“It has been great to have the support of PC Hopwell and PSCO Midgley, who have helped reinforce the message by visiting our school and working with us .”