Battle for bridge linking communities

A bid to link Codnor Park and Jacksdale by re-instate a bridge over the Cromford Canal will not receive cash from Derbyshire County Council (DCC).

But campaigners say they are not downhearted as DCC have agreed to “support the community’s aspirations to reinstate a bridge”.

DCC says it cannot afford the £400,000 cost, but highways boss Councillor Simon Spencer pledged his support to the project after more than 1,100 people signed a petition calling for a bridge to be built.

Andy Cadman, of Codnor Park Action Group, said: “It would be very selfish of us indeed to expect the county council to fully fund the project in the current economic climate with so many cuts. We are not asking DCC to put their hand in any pockets and pay for this bridge at this stage as funding is another issue we can look at once we have permissions and plans in place.”

A report to a DCC Highways and Transport meeting on October 16 said: “The Cabinet Member agrees to provide appropriate officer input, as and when required, to support the community’s aspirations to reinstate a bridge over the Cromford Canal, Jacksdale to Codnor Park.”

County cllr Paul Smith said: “Everyone is aware of financial constraints but it was important to get officer expertise so we could still take the project forward. We made a strong case for the aspirations of the community and the previous aspirations of DCC to form a link between the communities.”

Codnor Park Action Group (CPAG) and the Jacksdale Area Culture and Heritage group (JACHs) started the petition for the the “promised and much-needed link” in May 2012.