Banned motorist is caught drink-driving after police stopped him for wheel-spinning

A banned motorist was caught drink-driving after he had decided to get behind the wheel because he thought his friend had consumed too much booze.

Monday, 21st May 2018, 1:54 pm
Updated Monday, 21st May 2018, 1:56 pm
Drink-driving breathalyser.

Connor George Woodford, 20, of Model Village, Creswell, was stopped by police after doing a wheel spin at King Street, Creswell, according to a Chesterfield magistrates’ court hearing on May 16.

Becky Allsop, prosecuting, said: “Woodford came to officers’ attention at 11.30pm, on April 27, when they saw a vehicle wheel-spinning out of King Street.

“He was stopped and spoken to and he gave a positive roadside breath test.”

Chesterfield magistrates' court.

Woodford registered 49microgrammes of alcohol in 100millilitres of breath, according to the court, when the legal limit is 35microgrammes.

Mrs Allsop added that it also came to light that Woodford was a disqualified driver at the time of the incident.

Woodford made full admissions to police and said he was aware he had a two-year driving ban which had been imposed for previous motoring offences.

He pleaded guilty to exceeding the drink-drive limit, driving while disqualified and to driving without insurance.

Defence solicitor Denney Lau said: “He was out with friends and it was his friend’s car and his friend was even more intoxicated and the suggestion was that Mr Woodford should drive everyone home.

“He decided to drive instead of his friend who was over the limit and not fit to drive and Mr Woodford thought he was okay to drive.”

Mr Lau added the only reason Woodford was stopped was because the vehicle did a wheelspin but there was no evidence of any other bad driving.

Magistrates sentenced Woodford to a 12 month community order with a Thinking Skills Programme, a Rehabilitation Activity Requirement and 50 hours of unpaid work.

He must also pay an £85 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

Woodford also received a further 14 month ban from driving.