Baby surprise for stunned gran Jane

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A STUNNED grandma from Langley Mill was left shaking with shock after she gave birth in the street — despite having no idea she was pregnant.

Jane Eadie, 44, of Sedgwick Street, had been complaining of stomach pains during a morning of shopping in Belper on Saturday, September 24.

She thought she had a stomach upset, but as she stopped and sat on a bench on King Street, opposite the Green House pub in the town, a different kind of drama unfolded.

As Jane instead gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

Named James Terrance, after her dad and her husband Gary’s father, the tot was born at 12.33pm and weighed 5lb 13oz.

Jane said: “I was in shock. I was just lost for words and sat there shaking.

“I am happy, but I was a bit confused on Saturday! I cannot wait to get him home. I am excited.”

Jane told this week how she had no idea she was pregnant. She lived a normal life and drank alcohol. She had even suffered a fall a few weeks earlier.

But both mum and baby were doing fine when we visited them in hospital to pass on best wishes from all at the Ripley and Heanor News yesterday.

Jane is in the Royal Derby Hospital and is due to go home today or tomorrow, after the pair had undergone check-ups.

She said: “I had no idea I was pregnant. The baby did not kick at all. But it’s another footballer for the family!”

Jane, who said she had been in agony since 6am that day, was wearing jeans throughout the birth.

“If he hadn’t let out a scream,” she said. “We wouldn’t have known it was a baby.”

This week the family say they are bowled over by James’ arrival.

Jane was in Belper with her husband Gary, 55, daughter Elizabeth Anderson, 25, son-in-law Andrew Anderson, 42, as well as grandson Andrew Jnr, aged four.

Elizabeth told The News that the family were in town for a day out, following Gary in his role as a kitman for South Normanton Athletic Reserves. They were playing Belper Town Reserves later that day.

She said: “She had been moaning all morning that she was in pain. We even went to a chemist and they thought she had pulled a muscle.

“We left her while we went to a chip shop down the street because she said she couldn’t move.

“My husband went back to see how she was and said he was really worried about her.”

The family decided to get their car and take her to hospital. But Jane still couldn’t move.

Elizabeth said: “She told me she had had an ‘accident’, but I just said ‘mum, you’re going to have to get in the car’.

“We were getting a bit frustrated with her. But, just as we were phoning 999, I thought she had wet herself. Then a baby came out and I heard it crying.”

Jane’s jeans were quickly removed and it became apparent the baby had the umbilical cord wrapped round its neck. Andrew Snr managed to remove it.

“She had no idea whatsoever she was pregnant,” said Elizabeth. “She has been going to slimming classes in Heanor, but could not understand why she wasn’t losing any weight.

“She blamed it on slimming pills, which she had stopped taking a year before.”

How did Elizabeth feel about the surprise addition to the family?

She said: “I am over the moon and so happy for my mum and dad. Although it was a shock at first!”

Jane and Gary’s son Richard, 23, revealed that baby James helped inspire his Sunday League side Rainbow International to a 6-2 win over Amber Athletic.

Assistant manager Richard said: “We were 2-0 down but the lads said ‘let’s do this for the baby and for Gary and Jane’.

“They are all over the moon at the news.”