Artists saddle up to show off their mobile museum

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TWO artists have launched an appeal to find isolated Derbyshire places in which to show their “mobile fantasy museum.”

Sally Lemsford, 62, of Codnor Park, near Ironville, and Sally Newham, 34, of South Normanton, are currently in the planning stages of the exhibition which they will tour with throughout the county on a trailer pulled by bicycle.

The fantasy museum, which has the working title of “Cycling In Search Of”, is intended to make people think about the importance of heritage in the county and will carry work intended to look like genuine historical artifacts, they said.

Sally Lemsford explained: “We want to make people think about what are the real things that should be saved in Derbyshire. This is education in its broadest sense – it’s about getting people to think. But there’s a lot of fun to this. It’s a bit tongue in cheek and thought-provoking.

“We need to make contact with people in isolated places – places where art doesn’t normally go. ”

Although Sally Newham is a keen cyclist, Sally Lemsford admits she will have to train to get fit for the tour. The pair met three years ago and have since collaborated on numerous projects which take art out of the gallery and into the street.

If you would like to see the museum visit a venue near you then email