Are these the worst dad jokes ever?


Ahead of Fathers' Day, credit card company MBNA has compiled a list of these dad jokes. Are they the worst ever?!

1. Child: I'm hungry 

Dad: Nice to meet you Hungry, I'm Dad

2. Child: I feel like an ice cream 

Dad: You don't look like one!

3. Child: Dad, make me a sandwich!

Dad: (waves hands) Abracadabra, you're a sandwich!

4. Child: Did you get a haircut? 

Dad: No, I got them all cut

5.Child: What's the time?

Dad: (looks at wrist) Time you got a watch

6. Dad: How old are you now, eight?

Child: No, higher!

Dad: (puts on high pitched voice) Eight!

7. Child: Dad, do you know what?

Dad: No, but I know his brother, Who

8. Child: What was the movie about?

Dad: About an hour and a half.

9. Child: Are you alright?

Dad: No, I'm half left

10. Child: Have you seen my phone? 

Dad: Yes, loads of times