Approval for flats bid at old church

A bid to convert a former church hall into shared accommodation and a flat in Alfreton has been given the green light by Amber Valley council’s planning board.

Councillor Norman Bull welcomed the application at a meeting on May 13. He said: “We get people baying for our blood when we don’t do anything for empty properties. I don’t know why this has come up before the planning board.”

But cllr John Walker said: “I have major concerns. It’s for students/others - where are the students going to come from? I don’t think there are any students in Alfreton. Who is going to control the situation about unruly behaviour?”

The hall was built around 1906 which is attached to the rear of the former Wycliffe Reform Church which is grade 2 listed and built around 1860.

Jonathan Powrie, of Powrie-Smith Architects, on behalf of applicant Steve Holmes, said the development would prevent the former church hall from lapsing into disrepair. The first floor will be converted into a two bedroom flat.