Appalled at Cinderhill call


Divide and Conquer – is that the tactic?

I was absolutely appalled to read that the Mayor Alan Cox is urging Belper residents to support a proposed housing development at Cinderhill near Denby – so that it will ease the demand for new homes in the town.

Surely the mayor is not so blinkered as to think that a development of this size will have no knock on effect on people in Belper?

A settlement of this immensity will have a huge impact on people in all the bordering towns and villages, including Belper, Kilburn, Denby, Ripley, Coxbench and Little Eaton.

This 3,000-house monstrosity, that the mayor is encouraging us to support, will add a further 6,000 cars daily on to the already congested A38. No extra link road or road improvement scheme will alleviate this.

My daily 7am 12-mile commute to work takes almost an hour each morning due to the volume of traffic and the return journey in the evening can take double this. A further 6,000 cars will only amplify this problem, not only for myself but for the majority of the Belper residents who have to travel on the A38.

Looking at the developers proposed plans for this “town” in Denby, it will only be a matter of time before Belper, Heage, Denby and Ripley join up and become one huge housing estate.

I moved to Belper to be in a semi-rural area – if I had wanted to live in a city I would have moved to Derby.

It seems to me that the mayor is working on the theory of ‘divide and Conquer’ – make people think Belper is safe from future build if this proposed town is ‘not in my backyard”

Perhaps he should make them aware of the true impact this proposed build will have on our already over-built town – increased traffic congestion; pollution; loss of green field and the destruction of endangered wild life.

Catherine Howe