Andy’s a real rock ‘n’ roll romantic

London Hardrock cafe proposal for Andy Pearson and Nikki Dunbar.
London Hardrock cafe proposal for Andy Pearson and Nikki Dunbar.

A rock music fanatic created quite a scene at one of Mayfair’s most popular restaurants - when he proposed to his girlfriend in front of a crowd of stunned diners

Heanor born and bred driving instructor and true romantic Andy Pearson drew more than 200 onlookers - when he stood on top of the bar at the Hard Rock Cafe, London, to ask for his beau’s hand in marriage.

And to his relief the stunt, pre-arranged with management at the legendary eatery, went to plan - Nikki Dunbar, his girlfriend of two years said ‘yes’.

Andy, who owns the Ray Street-based Drive Like a Rockstar driving school, said: “Nikki kept saying to me get down, stop being stupid.

“I said to her I would be the luckiest man alive if you were to say yes.

“There were people all round me taking photos and chanting ‘say yes’, ‘say yes’!”

In another romantic gesture Andy had chosen the night of Saturday, October 26, to propose because it was the night the clocks went back.

As he is busy with his driving school commitments - plus his part time venture managing a tribute band to 80s rockers Poison – Andy wanted to dedicate ‘the extra hour’ of the 25 hour day to Nikki.

Andy had phoned the management at the Hard Rock Cafe’ months in advance and originally arranged for them to play a video he had made on a large screen in which he proposed to his girlfriend. But two days before its bosses told him he would not be allowed.

In a goodwill gesture Andy instead was given VIP treatment by restaurant staff who gave him a guided tour of the premises and let him sit in the seat famously reserved for guitar icon Eric Clapton.

At 10 o’clock, and with staff in on the act, the music was cut and Andy was allowed to get up on the bar and address the entire restaurant.

Unsuspecting Nikki, 22, of Stapleford thought the couple were just going for a burger and a drink in Nottingham that night, before Andy announced he was to whisk her down to London to stay in a five star hotel and dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.

She said: “My first thought at this point was, ‘oh what’s he doing – nothing is ever simple, he’s always doing something crazy, but then he began a very heartfelt speech and after declaring his love for me, very publicly, got down on one knee – still on the bar – at this point I actually realised what he was doing.“He says ‘will you marry me?’ Of course I said yes!”

It didn’t all go entirely swimmingly though.

Andy had tried so hard to conceal the ring that moments before the big occasion - he thought he had lost it.

Thankfully he found it in his pocket.