Among ‘worse roads in county’

Residents along a pothole-riddled road reckon it is among the worst in Derbyshire.

Derbyshire County Council has patched up Victory Avenue in Ripley four times since November, including once last week.

But the potholes keep coming back, according to residents.

Retired Jim Allen, 58, worked for Bowmer Kirkland engineers in Heage for 17 years and has lived on the road for eight years, claims major repairs are needed to sort it out.

Now Mr Allen has contacted the News’ Sort it Our campaign hoping it can help. We have contacted the county council and passed on his comments. It said it was hoping for cash from the Government to repair such roads.

Mr Allen, whose job saw him involved in road repairs, claims filling in the holes with a layer of Tarmac has not worked and the edges of the holes needed ‘squaring off to create a better join’ which would mean less chance of the repair breaking up.

He said: “The road is breaking up already and they only did it last three days ago.”

Victory Avenue and Ballicraine Drive, which has also been affected, were first patched up in November.

He says the holes are a probem for cars and create large puddles when it rains. They also cause noise late at night as cars bump over them.

Ripley town councillor David Williams has now drafted a petition to send to the county council asking that it completely resurface both roads.

He said: “They have lost a tonne of Tarmac and have not done a very good job. The road desperately needs relaying now.”

A spokeswoman from authority said this week that the government had agreed to give councils extra money to repair potholed roads as a result of the hard winter.

She added: “We will be able to finalise our roads programme for the next financial year once we know how much money we’re set to receive.”

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