Amber Valley election results

Labour have taken overall control of Derbyshire County Council from the Conservatives after gaining 20 seats during this year’s elections.

The party went from having 23 councillors on the authority before the elections to 43, while the Tories plummeted from 31 to 18 and the Liberal Democrats from seven to three.

In Amber Valley, the Conservatives lost Greater Heanor as Labour candidate Paul Jones polled 1383 votes to Tory incumbent Kevin Parkinson’s 877.

Ripley East and Codnor was taken by Steve Freeborn (Labour) with 1523 votes

Ripley West and Heage saw David Alan Williams (Labour) take control with 1618 votes against David Wilson’s (Conservative) 1195 votes,

South Normanton and Pinxton was also won by Labour’s Jim Coyle who amassed 1300 votes.

Paul Jones (Labour), who polled 1383 votes in Greater Heanor, said: “It’s a coup in a lot of senses. To replace a senior member of the Tory administration is an indictment of this Government’s policies.

“It’s a message to the Government and its austerity measures. I hope our MP Nigel Mills will listen to the message that people are sending. I want to make him recognise the impact that austerity has on the community that I represent. The Government needs ot wake up to the impact of reforms they have put in place.”

David Williams (Labour), who polled 1618 votes in Ripley West and Heage, said: “I am naturally pleased that our hard work has paid off. My only regret is we didn’t canvas the whole ward because of lack of time and resources. I intend to meet people I haven’t met during the campaign and help them with their issues and do my very best to serve the people of Ripley West and Ambergate.”

Steve Marshall Clarke (Labour) said: “I am so relieved - we put a lot of hard work in this election and it’s paid off. I want to thank the communities of Alfreton, Somercotes, Riddings and Swanwick for supporting us. We will be working hard for them as community councillors and working as a team.”

Steve Freeborn (Labour) said: “I am absolutely delighted with the result. I think this describes how upset and disillusioned with the Government people are. They are giving tax breaks to multi-millionaires whilst attacking the pensions of ordinary people. The effects of cuts across services is getting desperate.

“UKIP have taken some Labour votes but it’s had a profound impact on the Tories.”

“UKIP has taken some votes from Labour but they have had a profound effect on the Conservatives.”

Meanwhile in the Duffield & Belper South division, Conservative leader of Amber Valley Borough Council - and county councillor - Stuart Bradford held his seat with 1,340 votes, compared to Ben Bellamy’s 831.

Mr Bradford, who was away and unable to attend the count, said: “It is the usual story. As usual I am afraid the Government of the day is unpopular and people take it out on their local councillors. It always happens.

“It’s not fair. A lot of local councillors put a tremendous amount of hard work but they seem to get burnt at the stake.

“That applies equally to any government. People really ought to focus on what happens in their locality rather than what happens nationally, But they have never voted on that pattern in the past.

“It happened in 2009 and it happened to Labour councillors.

“If people don’t think what the Conservatives have delivered over the past four years has been any good then fair enough, But a lot of it is a protest vote, People don’t take notice of what you try and do locally.

“UKIP have taken over the mantle of the Monster Raving Loonie Party.”

Juliette Stevens, (UKIP) polled 1,010 votes in ALfreton and Somercotes, said: “I think UKIP have done marvellously well when you compare it to four years ago. There is enormous support. It just goes to show the strength of feeling.

“Upwards and onwards. It is a strong basis for the future.”

Cliff Roper (BNP), who polled 336 votes in Greater Heanor, said; “Pretty much as we expected. UKIP have taken a lot of our votes. We weren;t really predicting a good result. It’s been a poor turnout.

Ken Cooper (BNP), who polled said: “The Loony left BBC has shoved Farage in our faces and their loony left paymasters have taken votes off the Tories. We have never gotten a chance. Question Time was a set-up with Marxist paymasters who poison peoples’ minds. We are not a racist party we are patriotic Christians.”

Roland Emmas-Williams (Lab) won Ripley Parish North Ward to join Ripley Town Council after Conservative David Bowley stepped down earlier this year.

He said: “I look forward to representing the electorate of the north ward and sorting out issues that people want to bring forward to me.”

Mr Emmas-Williams served as a Ripley town councillor for 12 years, including a year as mayor, and a borough councillor before moving to Durham in 1999. He moved back to Ripley last year.

Speaking as leader of Ripley Town Council Steve Freeborn said: “I am delighted that Roland has won the byelection. It would suggest to me that people have understood the reasons why the town council has been fighting the borough council.”


Alfreton and Somercotes

Ron Ashton (Conservative) - 1324

Joel Ross Hunt (Liberal Democrat) - 269

Peter Jelf (Liberal Democrat) - 125

Steve Marshall-Clarke (Labour) - 2860

Garry Smith (UKIP) - 1369

Paul James Smith (Labour) - 3263

George Soudah (Independent) - 415

Juliette Nicola Stevens (UKIP) - 1010

Lynne Watson (Conservative) - 1270


Greater Heanor

Keith Charles Falconbridge (Liberal Democrat) - 97

Paul Jones (Labour) - 1383

Kevin Lee Parkinson (Conservative) -877

Cliff Roper (BNP) - 336


Heanor Central

Kenneth John Clifford (UKIP) - 701

Celia Mary Cox (Labour) - 1454

Adrian Barry Hickman (BNP) - 171

Alex Stevenson (Conservative) - 780



John Phillip Banks (Labour) - 1038

Kevin Buttery (Conservative) - 1463

Wayne Porter (UKIP) - 864

Kate Smith (Liberal Democrat) - 145


Ripley East and Codnor

Alan Edwards (BNP) - 89

Ann Fox (UKIP) - 799

Steve Freeborn (Labour) - 1523

Stuart Joynes (Conservative) - 967

Margaret Tomkins (Liberal Democrat) - 79


Ripley West and Heage

Ken Cooper (BNP) - 63

Paul Robin Gibbons (Liberal Democrat) - 83

Philip Sanders Rose (UKIP) -970

David Alan Williams (Labour) - 1618

David Wilson (Conservative) - 1195

Tony Youens (Green Party) - 145


South Normanton and Pinxton

Ray Calladine (UKIP) - 651

Jim Coyle (Labour) - 1300

Cherry Anne Drake-Brockman (Independent) - 83

Brian Christopher Loader (Trade Unionists and SocialistS Against Cuts) - 27

Robert James Sainsbury (Conservative) - 348