AMBER PEAT: Hedgerow could be cut down where tragic teen’s body was found

The spot where Amber was found (circled) and the patch of land to the left where a bungalow will be built.
The spot where Amber was found (circled) and the patch of land to the left where a bungalow will be built.

The hedgerow where the body of tragic teenager Amber Peat’s body was found could be cut out and replaced, after planning permission was granted to build next to the site.

Blueprints for a dormer bungalow and garage were given the green light by planners the day before the 13-year-old’s body was found in undergrowth on land between Westfield Lane and Parliament Road.

The new building will back onto the public patch of ground, which is separated from the building site by the undergrowth just yards along from where Amber’s body was found.

Despite more than 30 letters of objection from nearby residents about the plans - largely raising concerns over the new building’s access planned onto Westfield Lane - it was narrowly awarded planning permission by Mansfield District Council.

Six of the ten councillors present at the meeting voted in favour.

However, as part of the conditions, full details of a replacement hedgerow must be submitted.

Amber Peat’s body was found in the narrow area of hedges and trees on the evening of Tuesday, 2nd June, three days after she had left her house on Bosworth Street, less than a mile away, following an argument with her parents.

Police say the cause of death was hanging and there were no suspicious circumstances.

During the recent candlelight walk for Amber to help raise money for her funeral costs, one local resident who did not want to be named, spoke to Chad and was in favour of the hedge area being pulled up out of respect to Amber and her family.

He said: “It should not be left like that, it would be a constant reminder to everyone.

“It’s played its part in a tragedy and needs to be done away with.”

Ward councillor for that area and planning committee member, Stuart Richardson, felt the area was in need of attention.

He added: “The hedgerow, as far as I’m aware, is a mature hedge and part of the old Westfield Lane area. It looks a bit bedraggled, and it wants tidying up and looking after.”

Coun Richardson said he voted against the plans.

“It was a bit contentious, the correct procedures have been followed but my concern was the access onto Westfield Lane.”