Alfreton nursery gets a makeover

Kind hearted youngsters and staff from a housing association has renovated an Alfreton nursery school garden to make it more accessible for the children to play and learn in.

The team from Ripley-based Futures Homescape, spent two days at Alfreton Nursery laying new pathways and putting plants into the garden so that the children could play safely and learn more about wildlife.

The project was part of the housing group’s youth volunteering programme – The Voices of Youth Community Rangers

The volunteer group aims to get 11-16 year olds outdoors and learning new skills such as teamwork and leadership.

Harry Newcombe, 11, has been a ranger for over a year.

He said: “Voices of Youth is very enjoyable. I’ve learned about teamwork,

“I’m more confident and I’ve picked up some skills which I’ll be able to use at home too, and I’ll definitely be doing some

gardening now!”

Jenny Ball, who coordinates the Voices of Youth activities said: “The kids have done a great job, the garden looks much better and it’s full of interesting things for the nursery school children to play with and learn about.

“The Voices of Youth Community Rangers is all about getting 11 to 16 year-olds outside and helping the communities they live in.

“They get to do all kinds of things like nature walks, wildlife surveys, delivering food to needy families. They also get some great rewards like trips to Alton Towers, adventure breaks and of course, helping to improve things like this nursery garden.”