Alfreton kids stand up to the bullies

An Alfreton school has launched an anti-bullying campaign in a bid to make the school a nicer place.

Alfreton Grange Arts College’s student support manager Lisa Howard decided to launch the scheme after she saw a Channel 5 documentary showing the benefits of joining the Diana Award’s anti-bullying network.

The charity, dedicated to Diana Princess of Wales, was founded in 1999 and has so far signed up 39,000 young people to make a positive difference to their communities.

Retired police officer Lisa said: “We don’t have a lot of bullying. There is a lot of low-level falling-outs rather than bullying, but you always get it in schools. We want to make things better. We have no targets because we don’t have a big problem.”

Lisa watched the documentary which featured schools in Chesterfield and Barnsley. She said: “I saw what wonderful work Springwell Community College was doing and I went and visited them to see how it had reduced bullying.”

After two days of training, 28 students wearing blue t-shirts will be patrolling the school at lunch times, while others will hold anti-bullying drop in sessions. There will also be message boxes for students to report bullying.

A ‘smile and compliment’ day where children are rewarded for saying something nice about each other for a day is set to be run. Fundraising activities have been organised, including a book sale at Bonne Marche in the town and a concert with a Take That tribute band on July 3, and the proceeds will be split between the school and the Diana Award charity.