A good year for students

Derbyshire County Council’s provisional information for A level and post-16 results shows it has been another good year for county students.

Based on Level 3 information for all of the 28 maintained county schools and academies, which offer post-16 education:

2,650 students received their Level 3 (A Level and equivalent) results on Thursday.

Based on the schools’ return of results, this is now the seventh year running that they have improved in the county. The average points per entry is 213.8 which is 3.5 points above the scores at this time in 2011. The average points score per student is 784.8 - an increase of 33.2 points on the scores at this time last year.

Councillor Mike Longden said: “The average points score per student is 784. This is 33 points above the results at this time last year - which is fantastic news. The achievements that have been made by individual students - and by our schools - are very impressive.”