A chip off the old block

nrhn 080813 'Mill volunteers maintain the millstone at Heage
nrhn 080813 'Mill volunteers maintain the millstone at Heage

Volunteers at Heage Windmill have been getting to grips with the age old skill of millstone dressing to make sure the flour it produces is top quality.

The workers used a small crane to lift the two 772 kilo stones before sharpening them with tools.

Trustee for Heage Windmill Alan Gifford said: “In order to maintain the quality of the product, it is necessary to clean and sharpen the grooves which are cut into the millstone.

“In days of old itinerant stone dressers toured wind and water mills and performed the task for the miller, but today there are no such skilled men to hand – so the team of maintenance volunteers at Heage learned how to do this them selves.

“Some of the long standing mill workers are now getting ‘a bit long in the tooth’ and this year the opportunity was taken to pass their experience on to newcomers.”

He added:“The trust expressed its sincere thanks to all who worked so hard in performing this very necessary task.”