£20,000 raid at Ripley store

The owner of an award-winning Ripley dress shop says she had at one point considered giving up the business after thieves stole £20,000 worth of stock in the latest raid.

The break-in at Glitz and Glam on Grosvenor Road happened between 5pm on Tuesday, June 25, and 8.50am the next morning, when dresses, including bridal wear were stolen.

Owner Liz Lanyi discovered that the first-floor fire door was jemmied open. The thieves then went downstairs and broke in through a coded door and into the shop.

Liz said: “We have built the business up over eight years and this keeps happening. That morning we seriously thought about giving it up - ‘Is it worth it?’ I have come very close to packing in - they even took the CCTV. It makes you feel like ‘why bother?’

“I work seven days a week here and they just come in and take what they like. They are just low lives. I am not insured for the damage to fixtures and fittings. I don’t know how much it will cost to put right. They came over the roof from Oxford Street - they can leap from one roof to another.”

The shop was closed on Wednesday and Thursday while the damage was repaired, reopening on Friday.

Alison Gillotte, who runs the wedding collection on the first floor, said: “They cleared about five rails of clothes - handbags and bridal wear. They even took odd shoes which is no good to me - I’ve got the other shoes to match them up which is crazy. If it was done in the dark they might have thought they had a pair.”

Also taken was a laptop and CCTV equipment. Police found footprints on the roof and a fingerprint at the scene. A local man who was sold dresses, believed to be stolen from the shop, has since contacted to police. It is the third break-in at the shop since opening 2007. Thieves broke in through the front door and stole 19 ballgowns in January, 2012. In March, 2007, another overnight raid saw £2,000 worth of damage done to the shop front and more than £400 stolen from the till.

Call police on 101.