£1,000 swing swiped from Ripley park

A BRAND new £1,000 basket swing recently installed at a newly restored Ripley park has been stolen.

The play swing is believed to have been taken by thieves around the weekend of May 28 from the children’s play area in Asher Lane, in Hammersmith, which opened only at the beginning of May after £25,000 of redevelopment work was completed.

The distinctive blue and pink polypropylene swing is a metre across and was stolen complete with its 6ft long chain from a large wooden frame.

Cllr Jack Brown said: “This theft is nothing short of despicable. These swings are designed for children of all abilities and this theft has deprived them of a very expensive and popular attraction at the park.

“The basket is very heavy and would have been difficult to remove alone. I would urge the thieves to return the item.”

The police have been informed and anyone with information or who was in the area at the time should contact officers on 0345 123 3333.