Teenage activist Orianne Brown has organised an educational evening in a bid to help Ripley remember the horrors of the Holocaust.

Orianne, 18, has arranged for survivor Mala Tribich to talk to the community and share her story of escape.

Pictured are Mala and Orianne

Pictured are Mala and Orianne

Originally from Ripley, 
Orianne is Yorkshire’s 
regional ambassador for the 
Holocaust Education Trust, one of 20 such roles across the UK.

She said the event was an opportunity for the community to gain a better understanding of the Holocaust.

“It will allow you to listen to the story, and to speak with Mala, who lived through it,” she said.

The Holocaust was an act of genocide in which approximately six million Jews were killed by the German military, under the command of Adolf Hitler in the Second World War.

Images from trip to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust with schools from the East Midlands.

Images from trip to Auschwitz with the Holocaust Educational Trust with schools from the East Midlands.

Survivor Mala was born in Poland in 1930. When the Nazis invaded in 1939, her family fled eastwards and she was imprisoned in both the Ravensbruck concentration camp and Bergen-Belsen. Mala said it was vital to share her story to educate others.

She said: “It is important to commemorate and to teach the generations that follow us to be on their guard against the denial or repetition of such evil.”

The event is being held at Mill Hill School, Peashill, on Wednesday, July 16, starting at 7pm.

Orianne, who is studying pharmacy at Bradford University, first became interested in the Holocaust aged 13, when her sister Shauni visited Auschwitz.

She then became involved with the Holocaust 
Educational Trust (HET) through her former school, Mill Hill.

She said: “The HET do a fantastic job in promoting Holocaust education in the UK. They allow young people to become ambassadors to spread the message and 
lessons we can all learn from the Holocaust.”

In her role as an ambassador, Orianne travelled to Israel for a seminar in Yad Vashem, the world’s leading institute for Holocaust 
remembrance and research.

During the week-long trip in August last year, Orianne visited holy sites including the Western Wall, Dome of the Rock and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre (the place where some think Jesus was crucified and buried).

She said: “Getting the chance to visit was something that really stuck with me and touched me.”

The student has also been offered the chance to bid for a place on Prime Minister David Cameron’s newly-established Holocaust 

She travelled to London in February for the announcement of a competition to find a youth advisor for the group, which is striving to ensure Britain has a permanent and fitting memorial to the tragedy.

The teenager said she was honoured to be involved in 
trying to make a difference.

She said: “Being involved with the education trust is really exciting, working to reduce discrimination in today’s society. Due to the nature of the testimony, an age restriction of 13 plus is recommended.

To reserve free seats 
contact Mill Hill School on 01773 746334.