Young Swanwick basketball stars in the frame

NRHNSwanwick basketball team 1985
NRHNSwanwick basketball team 1985

DREAMING of being a Harlem Globtrotter maybe?

These youngsters in a picture from our own archive were from the Swanwick Basketball team.

We think the team must have been connected with the school, as the lads are all about the same age and the background suggests school buildings.

It was taken in May 1985 and may have just been a pre-season team shot. The boys aren’t showing off a trophy but had they won something? If you know the answer or were a member of the team then get in touch with us at or call us on 01773 514162.

The legendary Harlem Globtrotters, formed in 1926, are an exhibition basketball team, famous for their skills combined with comedy.