Young Ripley school footballers show off their cup

Mill Hill boys football team 1985
Mill Hill boys football team 1985

THESE young footballers all look very proud and rightly so as they show off their cup.

This picture was taken in July 1995 and shows boys from Mill Hill School in Ripley.

The young team are from the second year boys. We did not have much more information on the team and would love to find out more.

Is the cup they are showing off for league or knock-out cup honours?

You might recognise yourself from the picture, if so give us a call on 01773 514162 or email us at with what you can remember about the side and their obvious winning ways.

To help jog your memory 1985 was the year of pop sensations Wham! and the release of classic film Back to the Future staring Michael J Fox. Top shows on television included Blind Date hosted by Cilla Black.

In the headlines was 13-year-old brainbox Ruth Lawrence who gained a maths degree from Oxford. Also on the pop front it was the year of Live Aid, led by Boomtown Rat Bob Geldof when live pop concerts in America and London raised a staggering £50 million to help starving people in Ethiopia.

It was also the year US Presdent Ronald Reagan met Soviet Union leader Mkhail Gorbachev for the first time as the Cold War reigned.