Super times at Shipley

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May 17th, 2001

MINING MEMORIAL: The official opening of the Somercotes Mining Memorial took place before a large number of interested people. Guests of honour were six of the oldest ex-miners in the parish. Cllr John McCabe, chairman of Somercotes Parish Council, opened the proceedings, which were followed by a short speech by Judy Mallaber MP and Cllr Paul Smith. The memorial was installed by the parish council which was grateful to the Somercotes Community Group for donating £1,000 towards the landscaping.


May 22nd, 1981

COMPLAINTS: Chemicals and equipment left at a Fritchley site had turned the area into a danger zone at which a young child had been injured. Members of Crich Parish Council heard that Gas Board machinery and chemicals had been left in a dangerous manner and that a toddler had fallen into a hole in Church Street containing water and injured his head. There were also complaints about the village’s street lighting with some lamps needing new clocks.


May 20th, 1961

PROSPECTOR RETURNED: Mr Ronald A Herring, of Langley Mill, had reported on his extensive explorations of the South American jungle. Mr Herring had travelled to Venezuela, Brazil, Peru and Guyana and, in his words, had found the “Adventure that anyone with the courage to ‘take a chance’ could find”. During the trip, Mr Herring had made financial gain by prospecting for gold and diamonds and it was reported that he had made more than enough to cover all his expenses and have some left over.