10 fun gardening activities that will encourage children to go outdoors

Allowing kids to help in the garden can help with their inquisitive nature and encouraging them to ask questions can also mean parents learn a thing or two

Thursday, 27th June 2019, 12:58 pm
child gardening

Horticulture experts from BillyOh.com have revealed tasks which encourage children to enjoy the garden during the summer.

A time-consuming task for many adults, but a brilliant way to destroy flowers to children. Removing deadheads ensures that the flowers will grow back again.
Ask them to fill a bucket with as many as they can find, then transport them to a safe space, away from your plants.
With your supervision making sure they dont accidentally pick any seeding plants weeding can be something great to do together.
Purchasing a smaller watering can fit for children can be a worthwhile investment. Making them responsible for certain pots or a specific area can catch their imagination.
Talking children through the different types of bird food and letting them put it down and fill up feeders can be brilliant when the birds come to eat the spoils.
Purchasing child-sized rakes means that their little limbs can control the equipment when set to task. It can be a gratifying experience looking at a bare lawn once all the leaves have been raked.
A lot of kids love playing with mud and its even better if they can have fun while ticking a job off your list.
Depending on the age and size of the children, they may be able to help you mow the lawn.
Plants such as sunflowers are fantastic for children to grow, with them being able to look after the plants from seed to flower.
After helping with all aspects of gardening, the best thing to do is pick, and eat, the fruit and vegetables theyve helped you grow.