Hi-tech anti-theft rucksack aims to thwart pickpockets

We've all had that feeling of brushing past someone while wearing a rucksack and having to do a quick over the shoulder check to ensure they weren't trying to pinch the contents therein.

Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 4:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 1st May 2018, 4:21 pm

Theme parks and pop concerts give me particular paranoia, wherever there are lots of people standing in close proximity.

Apparently I’m not unjustified in my cautiousness - about 400,000 incidents of pickpocketing are estimated to take place around the world each day.

So for me an anti-theft rucksack sounded like an ideal way of removing the worry from my days out so I can concentrate on the fun.

The Bobby rucksack by XD Design takes its inspiration from the nickname for the London Police Force that was created in 1829, characterised by the round top policehat.

Valuables are stashed away from thieves with hidden zip closures and pockets.

The advanced storage system ensures space for all your necessities and multiple devices from a padded laptop section to phone and plug pockets, shoulder pockets for your credit card or transport pass, plus a nifty bottom zip for headphones or storing a compact rain cover.

It’s anti-theft design means there are no visible zips to crowds and people walking behind you, the back is only accessible from the area that sits on your back, and has a 30, 90 or 180 degree opening functionality for at easy home packing, table top opening or accessing while holding or hook hanging.

The inventive bags are made from anti-cut and shock proof material, they host road safety reflective stripes perfect for running or cycling and is water repellent, ideal in rainy weather conditions or when camping and leaving on wet surfaces.

An integrated USB port allows for on the go electrical charging. Whilst the technological design optimises weight balance for shoulder and back weight distribution, ensuring the best possible positioning including adjustable straps.

After a few days of using the rucksack in my opinion nifty features have removed the anxiety I usually feel with a standard rucksack. It’s also a rather stylish piece of kit and extremely comfortable.

Retailing at £74.95 the Bobby Rucksack is available at www,prezzybox.com.