Dorothy was a star on top TV show Countdown

Memory Lane Ripley Countdown.
Memory Lane Ripley Countdown.

WE have dug out this shot from our archive.

It was taken around May, 1986, of the contestants and stars of the hit television show Countdown.

The only clue on the back of the picture is the name Dorothy George, who we assume was from the Ripley and Heanor area. We have no way of knowing which one is Dorothy, although the woman on the right, as I’m sure many readers have spotted, is a very young looking Carol Vorderman. At the back, third left, is the show’s late presenter Richard Whiteley.

Perhaps Dorothy is reading this or someone who knows her and can tell us how she fared on the popular show, which was first aired in 1982.

It would be nice to find out if Dorothy is still local and if she enjoyed her time on TV.

That year was also the year the Soviet Union, as it was then, launched it’s Mir Space Station and Today newspaper was launched – it was the first ‘paper to run with full colour and anyone who can remember newspapers then will know how strange it looked at first – not the case today of course, with black and white pictures like this one now looking odd.

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