Crosshill boys pose for shot

Crosshill Boys' School 1958-59.
Crosshill Boys' School 1958-59.

JOHN Dooley came into the office to loan us this picture of Crosshill Boys’ School in 1958-59.

Mr Dooley, of Loscoe Denby Lane, remembers it was a small but good school.

It closed in the early 1960s and there is no trace of the building today – just a grass mound where it used to stand.

Pictured are: top row, B Adams, R Bott, P Smith, A Asher, N Lanyon, B Charlton, M Noon, T Ely, D Nicholas, and T Hicking.

Middle are: B Pare, M Swift, J Case, R Gill, A Wright, John Dooley, G Bestwick, R Hodgson, G Hardwick, M Gillot.

Bottom are: J Fox, I Redfern, R Brown, A Birks, B Grainger, M Holmes, C Taylor, G Russel, P Hudson, W Hudson and M Hazeldine.