Derbyshire sports clubs to be trained on preventing suicides

New cash will help prevent suicides.
New cash will help prevent suicides.

A total of £137,000 of funding from NHS England will be provided for extra suicide prevention work in Derbyshire.

The Suicide Prevention and Trailblazer funding has been awarded to several areas across England and will fund work to prevent suicides across the county.

This includes a new service to promote suicide prevention among local sports and leisure clubs as well as continuing to fund suicide prevention training to GP practices and other organisations.

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Derbyshire County Council’s cabinet member for health and communities Councillor Carol Hart said: “The effects of self-harm and suicide can be devastating. Many people – friends, family, professionals, colleagues and wider society will feel the impact.

“The NHS England Trailblazer funding will be used on a variety of projects aimed at reducing suicides in Derbyshire.

“We’ll be working with a range of partners including Derbyshire Police, the Coroner’s service and voluntary sector organisations to help make suicide prevention everyone’s business. “

People who are bereaved by suicide may be at higher risk of suicide themselves and it’s estimated that up to 80 people are affected by each suicide.

Suicide rates in Derbyshire remain similar to the national average. However after three years of declining rates early indications for 2018 are that rates have increased nationally and locally.

Trailblazer funding is designed to raise awareness, improve skills and increase confidence to reduce suicide rates in Derbyshire.