Buying used: the Hummer H3 SE

Buying used: the Hummer H3 SE
Buying used: the Hummer H3 SE

The shock and awe of SUVs

There’s a huge market for small SUVs, and this Hummer fits right into it. Well, we say small – it’s actually the tiniest Hummer they make.


Price new: £28,500
Yours for: £17,500
Engine: 2.5-litre, five-cylinder petrol
Transmission: four-speed auto, four-wheel drive
Power: 220bhp
Torque: 243lb ft
Economy: 19.5 mpg
CO2 emissions: 346g/km
First registered: 2006
Recorded mileage: 30,000miles

True, it’s not exactly Seat Arona like in terms of dimensions, since it’s based on an American pick-up truck designed to pick up whole towns. But the Arona won’t give you four-wheel drive, as the H3 does, nor would it give you serious approach and departure angles. If you want to go properly off-road, you can do that with the Hummer.

And don’t run away with the idea that this is some crude Yankee truck. It has five doors, for a start, and the cabin features all manner of luxuries including air con, leather seats and more.

There’s even cruise control but it’s not the adaptive kind – if this thing runs up behind a slower vehicle it doesn’t carefully modulate its speed, it simply runs over and flattens the slower vehicle.

Hummer H3

It’s not exactly the last word in sophistication or dynamic prowess. It wasn’t when the vehicle was built in 2006. It still wasn’t when Hummer was discontinued in 2010. And it certainly isn’t now. But if you want a vehicle that leads with the sort of grille that looks like it ought to have ‘Make America Great Again’ stamped in it, then this is for you.

Is it a ridiculous idea? Well, it’s only a 2.5-litre engine under the bonnet, and you could probably hit 20mpg if you’re very careful. Spares can be had from reputable online companies that will get you parts in a couple of days, and you’re certainly going to get some attention – whether you like it or not.

If you find the sort of carefully designed, very similar looking lines of SUVs from the main manufacturers to be a bit vanilla, then this is your Marmite.

Hummer H3

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