Firm’s ten years of breaking world records

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Latest business news

An Alfreton firm is marking its 10th year in the Guinness World Record books for producing the lightest tent in the world.

Terra Nova Equipment was awarded the Guinness World Record for the Lightest Tent Commercially available for the first time in 2004 when the ‘Laserlite’ which had a minimum weight of 990g became the first sub one kilogramme tent.

Since then, the company has smashed its own record three more times, shaving around half the weight off the tents in the process.

Now, the firm is celebrating by launching two new record-breakers to its 2015 Ultra lightweight range – with the world’s lightest two person tent and lightest freestanding two person tent.

Carolyn Budding is a Director at Terra Nova. She said: “We were the first company to produce a sub-one kilogramme tent and have used our design knowledge and outdoors expertise to ensure the tents remain practical even though the weight has been trimmed.

“Our rich heritage has grown from mountain tents and they are regularly seen on Everest or at the poles. But as extreme sports have become more popular and people are keen to challenge themselves in new ways, lightweight kit is increasingly in demand.

“Now we’re determined to continue to lead the market in producing lightweight outdoor gear for decades to come.”

The new Laser Ultra 2 will be available to buy next spring and will be the lightest two person tent commercially available.

At just 695g (or 347.5g per person) the tent features a flysheet and floor made of Ultra fabric and packs down to just 40cm x 12 cm.

Managing Director at Terra Nova, Andy Utting, said: “Our investment in technology and design over the last decade has kept us firmly leading the way in innovative tent design.

“When we launched the Laserlite in 2004, people were sceptical of the robustness of such lightweight tents.

“A decade later a lightweight single person tent is expected to be less than one kilogramme and our designs have become the blueprint for the competition.”

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