Puppet master Paul Zerdin tours Hands Free show to Derbyshire

Award-winning ventriloquist and comedian Paul Zerdin will be bringing his puppet playmates Sam, Baby and Albert to Chesterfield this autumn.

Sunday, 29th August 2021, 9:06 am

Paul, who won the America’s Got Talent crown in 2015, will perform at the Winding Wheel on October 3.

The British entertainer will be bringing along his bodyguard Roger – who claims to be ex-CIA – to help him keep Sam, Albert and Baby in order as well as a rather annoying urban Fox that has been following him around for some time.

Paul said: “Roger was introduced on the last tour, but he’s got a bigger part this time. He was in Sponge Weekly, the YouTube series I made during lockdown, and during that time I thought ‘I know who you are now’. It’s refreshing to have someone new to play with.

Puppet master Paul Zerdin tours to Chesterfield's Winding Wheel on October 3, 2021.

“And he’s different as well because he’s deadpan, whereas with my other characters have the one-liners and I’m the straight man.

“He’s a bit thick and he doesn’t really get it – he’s a bodyguard and he’s a bit slow.

“Roger is a bit like Buzz Lightyear, he doesn’t know he’s a puppet. And at one point, I have to break it to him that he’s not a real bodyguard because he starts interrogating the audience and overdoing it. And he’s devastated. So, getting to grips with his character has been really fun.

“I created Sam for a kids’ TV show called Rise And Shine. We got axed in favour of Barney the Dinosaur. But then I went back out and started working holiday camps with Sam. And so, he’s my most well-known character, I think because, you know, he was the first one.

“Then I introduced Albert and Baby. Albert has got some bits in this new show which I’m really excited about. He’s doing his own magic spot. He’s animatronic. I’m controlling him, but I’m in the audience. He does a card trick. And then he loses his way because he’s kind of senile and deaf. And it’s a really good moment, even if I say so myself.”

The new show is entitled Paul Zerdin - Hands Free and features Paul giving us a glimpse into his own reality, demonstrating what it’s actually like to be able to throw your voice in everyday situations where anything and everything can talk back!

As for all of us 2020 was different for Paul, but he kept himself busy writing and filming Sponge Weekly, performed live shows during the summer holidays and autumn half-term and then a brief return to the London Palladium at Christmas with Pantoland at the Palladium. During the rest of the time he has been busy writing the new tour,

With masterful puppeteering, animatronic wizardry, and a blend of comedy - Paul Zerdin - Hands Free will serve to remind audiences that this talented ventriloquist/comedian who is at the top of his game…. is also very funny.

The show is suitable for 14* years.