Riddings artist seeks subjects for project on loneliness and isolation

Acclaimed Riddings artist Tony Fisher is seeking participants for his next project after receiving an Arts Council grant to explore the subject of wellbeing.

Tuesday, 14th May 2019, 6:10 pm

The project will explore themes which he has battled personally over more than 40 years, and result in a year of touring exhibits and talks.

He said: “I want to do specific research on the theme of loneliness, isolation and well-being. I will work with anyone suffering from isolation and I will produce an image to reflect this.”

He added: “The photograph will capture the issues and essences of what is loneliness but will also celebrate the life of the individuals.”

As well as photos and other objects, the project will create an audio piece including voice recordings.

Tony said: “I believe in getting people speaking to each other. We are all in isolation, we all learn from each other and collaborate. That’s really important.”

Tony has experienced depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, and learned to use his art as a way of coping, rebuilding, and expressing himself.

In the process, he has become a passionate advocate for disability, mental health and the arts, travelling internationally to collaborate with organisations, make work and raise awareness.

The results of the project will be presented to audiences at Artcore, Quad, and Air Arts Royal Derby Hospital in Derby; Erewash Museum; City Arts and Broadway in Nottingham; and the Arthouse in Wakefield.

For details, see https://bit.ly/30j0SnQ or email Tony via [email protected]