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the bands LAF and Leere follow up the success of their first joint acoustic night at the Brewery Tap in Derby by teaming up for a second show there on Friday, March 16, from 8pm.

There will be guest appearances from Stevie Vaughan Williams and Omen Searcher, who will be playing a short unplugged set.

The gig will see both LAF and Leere performing a wide range of well-crafted, melodic and original material in a purely acoustic setting, all free of charge.

LAF were formed in 1987 as a recording-only project for the songs of Phil Matthews and Alastair Boden and built up a cult following before the band went into hibernation in the mid-90s. Renewed interest in the music of LAF brought the band back together at the start of 2009.

Leere were formed in 2004 after singer/songwriter Simon Monaghan brought together a number of Warwickshire-based musicians to record a debut album entitled Compassionate Ride.

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