Album launch event planned for The Silk Road

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Things are gearing up for what promises to be one of the most exciting debut album launches from a local band for many a year.

The Silk Road – a five-piece Chesterfield/Sheffield combo - is carving out a new road with an exhilarating offering of Celtic/folk punk-rock.

The Silk Road.

The Silk Road.

Its self-titled 13-track debut album will be showcased in full at a free launch party on July 21 at Chesterfield’s Real Time Music, which has backed the band since its inception around a year ago.

With original compositions and an intoxicating blend of fiddle-infused punk, Irish jigs and reels, infectious riffs, rocky undertones and the odd nod to ska, the band has already been taking the region by storm.

It’s already chalked up more than 20 gigs and festival appearances, including supporting two-time Glastonbury performers and last year’s Dronfest headliner, Ferocious Dog, and is building up a loyal following among folk/punk fans.

“We’ve been overwhelmed with the response and feedback from our live events,” said the band’s fiddle player, Jamie Burney.

“We’ve given some of the tracks an airing at gigs and they’ve been very well received, but the launch will be the first time it’s been performed live in its entirety. We’re all looking forward to what promises to be a great night!”

The Silk Road has found itself being likened to the Levellers, and there are suggestions of the early 80s Brighton scene and the Piranhas in there, but only in tone and influence as each track offers something remarkably fresh and new.

And while the material is a collaborative effort, the band’s founder and frontman, Tich Vango, is very much the wordsmith, producing gritty lyrics with attitude.

It was also his vision and determination that ensured the final line-up brought together some of the best musicians on the local circuit, producing exactly the sound he was after.

Along with Tich, (lead vocals and guitar) and Jamie, (fiddle), the band consists of Andy Hardwick, (electric guitar, banjo), Brian Buckberry, (drums) and Shaun Haley, (bass guitar).

‘The Silk Road’, refers to the ancient trade routes linking Eurasia to the West, along which not only flowed an exchange of goods, but of ideas and culture too.

Fitting then, for a band which brings together what on their own, are quite diverse musical genres.

The intriguing symbol of the ancient Silk Road network, still found along the route to this day, is of three hares with interlocking ears, an image which Tich, who also happens to be a tattooist by trade, had no trouble in adapting into an eye-catching logo. It’s proved so popular with the band’s growing army of fans, its already given rise to a range of T-shirts and merchandising.

This will be available, along with the album, at the launch party. Doors open at 7.30pm with support from Shanks’ Pony, a three-piece indie folk band from Mansfield, getting the show started at 8pm.

The Silk Road are due on stage at 9.30pm.

It’s free, but there will be a donation box to help cover the band’s costs. CDs cost £10 and can also be bought along with other merchandise via PayPal on the band’s Facebook page.

For more information on the launch party or the band, find the band on Facebook at Facebook@TheSilkRoadOOC or hear a sample pre-album demo at: