Rascals set club record

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RIPLEY’S Lifesaving club had representatives in seven of the nine qualifying places available for the region at the championships, held at Pond’s Forge Sheffield on November 19 and medalled in every category, winning five sections, six runners up and a third placing.

Rascals won 12 championship medals, a record for the club.

The East Midland Regional team finished second from the thirteen representatives.

Regional ladies champion, Karen Dening won gold and silver, senior girls regional champions, Jennie Lockwood and Olivia Strachan, gold and overall category silver, senior boy regional champions Ross Strachan and Adam Threlfall gold.

Won gold

The two Rascals pair representatives for junior girls, Vicky Threlfall and Jess Ratcliffe, won gold and Jessica Lockwood and Susannah Allsop, the regional champions, a gold, silver and overall category bronze.

The junior boy regional champions, Frazer Crump and Tomas Eley completed the categories by winning two silver medals.

The East Midlands team included senior girl pair, Sarah Blake and Jayne Stallion from Heanor Swimming Club, bronze medal swim and tow, and open men champion Oliver Coleman.

The Masters East Midlands team won overall gold headed by Sally Barlow silver, Nadine Peckover silver, Ian Webster silver, Roberta Morley silver and Ian Symmons silver.

The annual championships is held under RLSS rules and comprises an aquatic incident and a life support initiative test, with the speed and endurance sections of a line throw and a swim and rescue tow completing the competition.

Consistently strong

For such a small club Rascals are consistently strong and build success year on year.

Team manager Daniel Woodthorpe said, ‘The results are excellent again for Rascals, in the swim and tow sections we were never out of the top four, two first and two second places, which is testimony to the quality of the coaching and the commitment of the swimmers.

“We compete against clubs a great deal larger than us, but always challenge the best in the UK.

“The squad were a credit to themselves and the club.’