Chairman puts the Reds up for sale


Alfreton Town FC chairman Wayne Bradley has put the club up for sale just days after it ended the 2013/14 season in its highest ever league position.

The Reds’ supremo has overseen a remarkable rise from the Northern Counties East League in 2002 to the current position as an established and respected Conference Premier Division club but now admits it needs an injection of fresh desire, finances and drive to take it to the next level.

“We have had the best season where we have finished 11th and competed strongly with the play-off positions for a long time. The long and short of it is I think I have got to the point where I have taken the club to the level where I always believed I could but it is obvious we need more input to be able to progress to the next level”.

He added: “We have had three years at non league’s top table, and having assessed the level of opposition and the requirements to progress, I firmly believe it is attainable but it is going to need a fresh injection of finances”.

The sale plan wouldn’t necessarily mean the end of Bradley’s connection with the club and he is prepared to oversee any take over and even continue to help run the club.

“I am prepared to stop and help or disappear and let any new suitors get on with it. I would stop on as chairman or in a director role if required. I won’t make it conditional as to how individual(s) want any take over to work.

“If an individual or a group of people fancy taking the club over, I welcome them to put their plans to me and they can acquire a club which is in excellent shape in contrast to others at our level, debt-free, in fine shape financially and clearly poised to be able to go to the next level with relative ease.”

Should nothing materialise, Bradley insists it will be business as usual but the club will have to cut it’s cloth accordingly due to falling attendances.

“We have got to a point where they won’t pay £18, they won’t pay £15 and affordability is something that is definitely questioned. We have got a support level that is going the wrong way and an income level that is following suit.

“Alfreton, on gates of well below a thousand, are trying to compete with clubs who have over 3,000 and we have shown it can be done.

“I have listened to the critics. But you can’t keep criticising if you are not prepared to come up with solutions and answers as to what the perceived problems are.”

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