Website launched by extension protestors

A new website has been set up by protesters against American Adventure World's plans to extend the theme park.

The website is called and aims to inform web-surfers about the controversial plans.

There are opportunities to vote against the proposals, to make comment, find out more and to put forward questions.

A mystery resident who does not want to be named, set up the site because he didn't want to see any more development in the park and thought other people felt the same.

He said: "If the American Adventure is already losing money I don't see how a 'holiday village' can turn that around."

The website has attracted a lot of attention, but equally the new Residents' Action Group, also concerned with opposing the proposed expansion, is also rapidly gaining support.

The group was formed by residents dissatisfied with the results of a meeting held by American Adventure bosses, who failed to answer questions put forward by angry residents.

The group is chaired by Shipley View resident Paul Keyworth who is now planning to hold a one-to-one meeting with the American Adventure in late March.

Already the group have had a huge response from a letter drop, during which 500 addresses on the Shipley View Estate received letters of protest which they were then asked to sign and send off to the planning authority - Amber Valley Borough Council.

And more than 100 people from the letter drop also attended a recent Residents' Association meeting.

Ron Sweetland, chairman of the Association, said: "We had to turn people away from the meeting because of overcrowding.

"We are hoping to arrange another public meeting with the American Adventure in the next few weeks, but no date has been fixed as yet."

Hundreds from Shipley View and surrounding areas have signed a petition in protest against the plans which is being presented to Amber Valley Council.