Teddy bears to take a dive at celebration

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Teddy bears will be 
flying from the sky in Swanwick on Saturday, October 4 to mark the start of the harvest festival 

Children will be launching their furry friends from the top of the church tower at St Andrew’s in Swanwick to celebrate the start of the annual harvest.

Bears of almost all shapes and sizes are welcome to come and have a go on the day for £2 per jump.

The church will provide a harness and parachute to 
ensure the safe landing of the teddy bears.

Other soft toys may 
participate at the vicar’s discretion, and if you don’t have your own bear there will be rent-a-bears who are all ready and rearing to make the jump.

Registration starts from 9.30 am, and parachuting will take place between 10am and 12 noon.

For further information please call 01773 605291.